Midnight Sun Canoeing

in Finland and Sweden.

There is the challenge of several rapids along the route. They give you an opportunity to show your canoeing skills, and test your limits together with other MSC participants. Test your prowess in completely safe conditions. The flatwater stretches allow you to simply enjoy the ride, the countryside, and the exotic surroundings. For seven days, from Sunday to Saturday – in the Tornedalen Valley at the height of summer. Temperatures average around 20 and can reach 30 degrees Celsius.

In other words, an experience beyond the ordinary!

The start is around midsummer in Finnish Muonio, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The midnight sun shines around the clock for more than a month here. The canoeists will be beneath the midnight sun practically all the way to the finishing line.

Midnight Sun Canoeing is an international event. It is not a race – the target group is canoeists worldwide who are ready for a personal challenge and a chance to broaden their horizons and discover something new.
The organisers can only cater for 100 canoeists (open to all canoe categories). This makes nation quotas necessary. First come first served...

Not a race, then. There are however preliminary plans to organise canoeing events in disciplines such as cross, freestyle, slalom and polo. This will usually be in connection with the different stage finishes that will also offer varied programmes and different services.

MSC will itself be organising one contest specially for participants in MSC. This will be on the last day, after Kukkolakoski Rapids and 13 km towards the finish. Make MSC  your exciting canoeing goal!

Four fantastic facts about MSC:

  • You will be canoeing on the Swedish-Finnish border all the way.
  • The river is unexploited and free-flowing.
  • Midnight sun – with one evening stage that ends at midnight.
  • The route crosses the Arctic Circle 90 km before the finish.
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